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I vantaggi

For Beerlovers and Beerworkers

Your favourite beer

Track your favourite beer realtime and find it in the closest pubs!

News from brewers

Stay in touch with the best breweries and know the history behind all their beers

Beer Events

Find the best beer festivals in Europe and their complete offer!

YHOP American Magut
Pubs Taplists

Up to date beer selections: pick the best!

Make a name for your company

Promote your pub or brewery, and increase your popularity!

Analytics and trends

Advanced analytics and trends for your pub and brewery: save money and make the right planning

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CEO & Founder

Niccolò De Carlo

Hearth & Soul of the company, the one who pushes everybody to reach goals. He provides vision and execution.

Publican & Founder

Marco Pennacchietti

Food & Beverage enterpreneur. He knows everything about the Italian and European beer market.

Publican & Founder

Andrea Capogrosso

Food & Beverage enterpreneur. Business Management passionate, focused on reaching company goals.

Advisor & Tech Partner

Alan Advantage

Mentor and Spiritual Guide. Supporting YHOP in the most strategic decisions thanks to its international business experience.